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Den sanna sportandan av Vespa.


With all its design and technological content, the Vespa GTS Super 300 has revisited a “sporty classic” of the mighty Vespa collection. While being functional even in the smaller things, like the USB port in the double compartment under the leg shield back plate, it has not forgotten its ”racing” spirit.
The new two-tone alloy rims recall ones of the past and highlight the sporty attitude of the 145th model in Vespa’s history, thanks also to the red spring of the front suspension and the new front grill, which has given up the position light to sport a grill enriched with chromed elements.
And if on one hand the lights are now of the modern LED system type, on the other we have completely analog instrumentation, which in the finest racing tradition offers a graphically eloquent display of white numbers on a black background.
The saddle has the shapes and materials typical of sporty Italian vehicles, such as the body, the metal soul of the Vespa, has undergone some significant changes. On the right hand side the horizontal grill alludes to the most beautiful Vespas of the past and gives an elegant sporty touch to the vehicle’s profile. And for increased safety, the front and rear disc brakes now have the ABS and ASR system.

  • Bränsle konsumtion 30,3 km/L
  • Max hastighet 118 km/h
  • Motor 77 g/km
  • Bränsle kapacitet 8,5 L
  • 1. Bredd 755 mm
  • 2. Hjul till hjul 1950 mm
  • 3. Sadel höjd 1375 mm
  • 4. Längd 790 mm

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Nero Lucidio, Rosso Passione, Verde Speranza, Bianco Innocenza


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